Doxis 2019 Catalogue

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NEW! Vesto Recessed Downlight

A sleek and aesthetically pleasing design combines a minimal architectural trim with an elegant inside.
This product will be available in various lengths ranging from Vesto single to Vesto Quadro.
As usual this product will be available in Doxis' rich color pallette.
Trim and inside can be finished in two different coatings to create interesting contrasts.

NEW! Titan Multi

Titan Multi offers the possibility to place multiple highly orientable spots on a single location.
An ideal solution for rooms with a central power supply which requires surface mounting.
Titan multi is available in 3 versions: Titan Multi 2-way, 3-way and 4-way.
Titan Multi will be available with the same diversity of colors, various dimming types, beam angles etc.

FlatLED Trimless

FlatLED is now available in a trimless version.
FlatLED Trimless will be available for both FlatLED T1 and FlatLED T2 versions providing a clean finish which
enhances the ultra-thin design of FlatLED.